The Center for Good Corporate Governance (“CGCG”) is a professional research center devoted to improve corporate governance system in Korea.
The Center was established by experts and activists who had been at the forefront of movements for chaebol reform and financial market reform, leading minority shareholder activism in South Korea.
We aim at “enhancing corporate value by improving corporate governance” and “establishing a sound and transparent financial market.”

Enhancing Corporate Value by Improving Corporate Governance
We constantly monitor targeted companies and analyze their problems, and then, suggest concrete measures to reform their corporate governance both by the companies and by market participants. We also make proposals to improve the relevant legal systems. Our purpose is to enhance corporate value by resolving the problems of inefficient management, non-transparent corporate governance, and the undervalued stock market.

Independent Civic Think Tank
CGCG is a civic research organization whose operation and financing are independent from the government or any corporation. In order to present fair and objective opinions and alternatives to Korean companies and financial market, we put the greatest value on independence in conducting research, making utmost efforts to maintain it.

Engagement & Activism
We provide corporate governance-related consulting services for institutional investors and minority shareholders, presenting desirable models for corporate governance. We also engage in educational activities, and publish an academic journal and handbooks.